Friday, September 17, 2010

Terrible Twos Strikes The Bridges!

My beautiful daughter turned two in July. We have been very blessed because her behavior has always been decent! She's not perfect but we're not pulling out our hair...yet. :) Makenzie and I headed to Oklahoma this weekend. We went to celebrate my nephew, Mark, graduating from Metro Technology School. I'm so proud of him!! Makenzie, I guess, decided that she wasn't too thrilled about all the traveling and hoopla. On the way to Oklahoma, we stopped to eat and she decided she didn't want to all! Then she screamed while I tried to change her diaper. She decided she wouldn't sit on the bench at the table (which I NEVER let her stand on). Then we got to OKC and she decided she wasn't going to walk to dinner that evening. The only problem was that it was very windy and I was wearing a skirt! I carry her and I moon everyone!!! When we got back to my sister's, her attitude didn't change very much. The first night, she threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. Even my sister was a little in awe of it! So finally we headed back to Odessa. The trip back was totally different!! She was sweet and playful! I hope that the terrible twos are just a fading memory....but I won't hold my breath!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

My goodness but it has been a long time since I last blogged anything! There have been some really great things that have happened and some sad things that have occurred. An unexpected event that happen was the death of my mother-in-law, Doris Louise Bridges. We used her middle name as Makenzie's middle name. Doris had not been feeling well for some time. The doctors would run test, take their time looking at the results, and then tell her they couldn't tell what was wrong. Finally on May 4, she went into the hospital, and on May 20, she passed away from cancer. I can't believe that she is gone. She was so young, 63. I tried to stay strong for my husband, who is an only child, and had the burden of taking care of everything. When we realized she was not going to get any better, we had her taken to the hospice house. Since she had been in the ICU for over a week, she had not been able to see Makenzie at all. The first thing she asked when she saw me was, "Where's Makenzie?" That's when it hit me that she wasn't going to be here to see Makenzie grow up. She was going to miss Makenzie's first birthday, her next Christmas, and so many more milestones! That is when I broke down and cried. Doris, or grandmama as we would call her, loved her granddaughter. She always was willing to "show" her off to anyone who would listen! It has been a long and hard will not be the same again. We are trying to take things as they come and we'll miss "Grandmama" very much. But, we will make sure that Makenzie knows how much her Grandmama loved her and what made Doris special.
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